Celebrity Copycat: Olivia Palermo’s Look for Less!

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Olivia Palermo always looks flawless.  Love how she manages to be both chic and fab whether rocking floral print pants or a simple sleeveless top with skinny jeans and flats (the outfit pictured here is a perfect example how fabulous she is!). The beauty is definitely in the simplicity….and the pieces are super functional and easy to dress up. Get Olivia’s look from JC Penney, Victoria Secret & more!

Sleeveless Top – $21 at Dorothyperkins.com

Skinny Jeans – $42 at Tobi.com

Pom-pom Tote – $38 at Victoriasecret.com

Animal Print Flats – $36 at Shopmango.com

Watch – $29.95 at Sendthetrend.com

Gold Cuff – $12 at JCPenney.com

Sunglasses – $8 at HM.com


The Boom in Full-figure Bras

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The Boom in Full-figure Bras

According to industry estimates, four out of five women are wearing the wrong bra size — typically too large a band and too small a cup — leaving their breasts squeezed, unsupported or spilling out. “Ill-fitting bras can cause neck, shoulder and back pain, tension headaches, breast tenderness, skin irritation and poor posture,” says Steven Chang, a family physician who writes the Daily Dose newsletter for the RightHealth.com website.

The Beginnings of the Bra Revolution
Actress Jenette Goldstein, who appeared in Aliens and Titanic and rocks a 32G herself, opened a Hollywood lingerie store called Jenette Bras to help women with “knockout racks” find pretty bras that fit properly. A well-fitting bra, says Goldstein, will make a woman look instantly slimmer and more shapely, banishing the “quadri-bust,” where the breasts spill over the top of the cup and under the armpits, giving the appearance of four breasts instead of two. A well-fitting bra also avoids the matronly “uni-bust.”

When Oprah devoted a couple of shows to her famous bra intervention, things began to change. “Suddenly, women were walking into a lingerie department thinking they were a 36C, getting a professional fitting and walking out knowing they were a 36DD,” says Dan Sackrowitz, a marketing executive with the online lingerie boutique BareNecessities.com.

The most popular bra size in America remains a 36C. However, sales of plus-size or full-figure bras — defined as a band size of at least 40 and a cup size of DD or larger — have risen at three times the rate of overall bra sales, according to the research firm NPD Group. Nearly 159 million plus-size bras were sold in 2008.

More Choices Than Ever
Today it’s easy to find full coverage in sizes DD to G and beyond in a range of colors and sexy styles, including balconette and deep-plunge styles. Department store brands are offering specialty lines in larger sizes: Playtex has Playtex Secrets, Maidenform has its Lilyette line, and Wacoal offers nearly a dozen styles that are available all the way up to a G cup.

Plus-size retailer Lane Bryant also recently introduced its new Cacique Intimates line with the tagline “so not what mom would wear.” Says Gill Heer, the senior designer for the line: “Typically, the old plus-size bra-maker only offered nude, white and maybe black. Certainly it was never considered appropriate for plus-size women to want to wear a fashion color like lilac, lime green or hot pink.”

How to Shop for a Bra That Fits
When a bra fits properly, the straps should carry about 10 percent of the weight of your breasts, with the band supporting the other 90 percent, says Goldstein. Get a proper fitting from a lingerie boutique or department store. Some fitters will use the “eyeball method,” assessing you visually before giving you several bras to try on. Most fitters, however, will pull out a tape measure and measure you right under your breasts and then around the fullest part of your bust.

The first measurement is your band size (if it’s an odd number, add one inch). To get your cup size, subtract your band measurement from your bust size; each inch represents a cup size. For example, if your band size is a 36 and your bust size is a 39, you’d wear a 36C. Sizes vary across different brands and lines, so always try on a bra before purchasing it or shop from an online boutique with a liberal return policy.

If you’re having a hard time finding that perfect fit, “sister size the bra,” suggests Alicia Vargo, owner of the online boutique Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie. “Keep the same band size but go up a cup or go up one band size and down a cup.” For example, if the band of a 36D bra fits snugly but your breasts are spilling out of the cup, try a 36DD and a 38C.

By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy

Must Have Monday: Chiffon Sequin Dress

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This dress is beyond gorgeous!  I love how the dressy sequins play against the super flattering v-neck top.  Tip: This is the perfect dress for a summer day-to-night excursion. Simply pair it with sandals or fancy flip flops and a denim vest.  Check it out below!

Chiffon Sequin Dress – $54.10 at Gojane.com

Celebrity Copycat: Lea Michele’s Look for Less!

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Lea Michele’s outfit is pretty much my uniform during the week, all year round.  It’s all in the details with outfits like this:  The wedges give the look a little sex appeal; the sweater pulls everything together and accessories can easily be piled on.  Easy to wear and guaranteed style without much effort!  Get Lea Michelle’s super affordable outfit for less from Macy’s, Tilly’s and more!

Loose Knit Top – $18 at Yesstyle.com

Denim Shorts – $24.99 at Tillys.com

Espadrille Wedges – $32.80 at Forever21.com

Crossbody Bag – $46.99 at Macys.com

Sunglasses – $8.99 at Retrocitysunglasses.com

Top Five Sandals for Under $30!

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I live in Florida so sandals are as important as air conditioning!  Because I wear them year round, I love me a cute pair on the cheap to ensure I have a ton of options.  Check out some of my favorite sandals for under $30!

Pink Studded Bow Sandal – $18.99 at Amiclubwear.com

Velvet Animal T-Strap Sandal – $17.50 at Charlotterusse.com

Cuff Side Sandal – $21.60 at Makemechic.com

Orange Spilt Upper Flats – $20 at Lulus.com

Braided Flat Sandal – $14.99 at Target.com

Celebrity Copycat: Brooklyn Decker’s Look for Less!

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Love Brooklyn Decker’s perfect mix of a classic white dress and casual army green vest… it’s a great day-to-night outfit. Tons of style without being too trendy (which means you’ll get a lot of mileage out of each figure-flattering piece).  Tip: These pieces are easy to transition from warm to cool weather by simply adding dark tights, like Zooey Deschanel exemplifies.  The cardigan and vest are a no-brainer… wear it over any basic for a effortlessly cool vibe.

Vest – $48 at Yesstyle.com

Lace Dress – $44 at Awear.com

Wedges – $48 at Modcloth.com

Crossbody Bag – $39.99 at Target.com

The Real Reason to Wear All Black

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  • As a woman and a fashion devotee it’s no secret that every now and then dressing cute can sometimes be a bit of a challenge around that “time of month.”  The bloating makes it almost unbearable to wear a lot of my favorite outfits, but I’ve managed over the years to put together a selection of all black outfits as well as some tricks to mask the six long days my “friend” is around.  Check them out below:
  • Princess cut little black dresses are a life saver. They’re the easiest way to hide the bloating because, can be worn day or night, and yes, covers any embarrassing stain.
  • This is the perfect time  to show off some cleavage!  To keep the attention up top, don’t be afraid to loosen an extra button.  And, if you’re feeling a little devilish, button up a blazer all the way and wear nothing but underneath… chic and sexy!
  • Tunics are a must have (I have about a dozen and they’re all black!) because they’re easy to wear and go with just about anything.  Look for ones that hit right below the hips… they’re the most flattering.
  • Last but not least… leggings!  Not just any leggings, but all cotton, non elastic waist leggings.  The comfort and snug fit make them perfect for preventing accidents (which we all have). Not only can they be worn with a blazer or tunic, because they’re black you can practically wear them anywhere (even to the office with some chic heels or booties).

Always Maxi pads are designed to securely fit your curves. With a body hug fit, Always Maxi helps provide clean dry protection that’s also designed to fit. The LeakGuard(TM) core helps pull fluid deep into the middle of the pad, while the Deep All-Around Barriers help keep fluid away from the edges. Plus, the Flexi-Wings have been designed with stretchy pleats to flex with you as you move, allowing them to securely wrap around so that they help pads stay in place and help protect you against leaks.  Available in Regular, Super Long, and Overnight absorbencies.


“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Always via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Always.”

Dress from TJ Maxx
Shoes c/o Shoe Privee
Necklace and Bracelet c/o Twisted Silver
Ring from Charlotte Russe

Memorial Day Fashion Pick: Crisp White Button Down

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Completely obsessed with white this season!  Show me a closet with a classic white button down and I’ll give you a ton of new ways to wear it!   To me a white shirt is a like a blank canvas for a artist; it can take an outfit from super elegant to sexy casual in a flash. Check out some of my favorite white button downs and how to wear them for Memorial Day.  Tips:  Try to keep the fit close to your curves or use a belt (I’m loving wide waist belts lately and wear them with everything!).  Also, consider using a pretty scarf to accentuate your waist.  And like I mentioned in my White Jeans post, always keep your Tide pen handy just in case!

Slim Fit Shirt – $36 at Shopmango.com

Tote – $24.80 at Forever21.com

Shorts – $32 at Bankfashion.co.uk

Wedges – $21.50 at Oldnavy.com

White Broderie Tie Shirt – $50 at Missselfridge.com

Polka Dot Skirt – $34.50 at Delias.com

Penny Loafers – $25 at Lulus.com

Red Crossbody Bag – $40 at Yesstyle.com

Celebrity Copycat: Jordin Spark’s Billboard Awards Look for Less!

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Jordin Sparks was definitely the red carpet standout at the 2012-Billboard Awards. Her look was sexy and classy with a whimsical, airy aura that is perfect for spring and summer.  Tip: Don’t let the lace fool you into thinikng this is a strictly dressy look.  Simply swap the heels for animal print flats or add a denim jacket for a cool effortless vibe.  Check out Jordin’s look  and my spin on it below.  Get Jordin’s look with pieces from Asos, Bakers Shoes and Fantasy Jewelry Box.

Lace Dress – $43.49 at ASOS.com

Sandals – $80 at bakersshoes.com

Studded Bangles – $49.95 at Fantasyjewelrybox.com

MInt Chiffon Blouse Styled Three Ways

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This chiffon blouse hits the bullseye: The mint color is one of this spring’s hottest shades; the embroiered detail exudes a beautiful vintage feel; and the neck tie adds the perfect touch of elegance to the sleeveless blouse making it perfect for warmer weather (and at only $30 it’s the perfect piece for work or play).


Tip: This blouse can be paired with just about anything, but I personally think it’s screaming for some dark denim whether shorts, a skirt or skinny jeans.  Check out what I’d wear it with below!

Mint Chiffon Blouse – $30 at Yesstyle.com

Pocket Skirt – $29 at Joefresh.com

Cat Eye Sunglasses – $14 at 80spurple.com

Flower Sandals – $50 at Shopruche.com

Bow Handbag – $308 at Boticca.com

Mint Chiffon Blouse – $30 at Yesstyle.com

Heart Shorts – $66 at Topshop.com

Peep Toe Flats – $14.99 at HM.com

Bow Handbag – $308 at Boticca.com

Mint Chiffon Blouse – $30 at Yesstyle.com

Current Elliott 3/4 Length Jeans – $280 at Stylebop.com

2 Lip Too Espadrille’s – $54.99 at Heels.com

Bow Handbag – $308 at Boticca.com


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