Bring a Little Bling to Your Car

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For a car to be super pimped it needs loads of bling. There are many cool ways to achieve the desired effect, as these drivers have proven. Take a look at these vids, raid your bank and you’ll be on the right track to becoming a pimped out petrolhead.

For a car to be super pimped it needs loads of bling. There are many cool ways to achieve the desired effect, as these drivers have proven. Take a look at these vids, raid your bank and you’ll be on the right track to becoming a pimped out petrolhead.

Body Work
White Gold Bentley

They’ve got money to burn in Dubai, but a white gold Bentley! Who do you call to get this kind of car body? This may be out of the reach for the casual driver, but in the mean time it’s nice to look at. One day…

Million Dollar Diamond Mercedes

Equally blinged up to the nines, this $1million dollar diamond encrusted Mercedes Benz is perfect for those extroverted drivers who like to flash their cash around. Good luck getting it insured! Definitely a car for a super pimp, but you’d have to hire a security team to stand watch over it.

Paint Job

Full body

This is truly a car to Marvel at. Obviously a big comic fan, the owner of this custom painted Hulk aficionado went all out to celebrate his love of the green superhero. Sure to turn heads, just don’t get it angry!

This super cool Lamborghini Gallardo has a custom graffiti paint job to die for. Beautiful to behold, this would make any driver the envy of the town. It might cause accidents from being stared at too intently.


The exquisite grim reaper design on this hood is superbly stylish. Gorgeously realised, this awesome hood puts the car ahead of the pack in the looks department.

Interior and Engine

The fiery phoenix design under the hood and throughout the interior of this car is a brilliant example of bling done well. Sure to make other drivers hot with jealousy, this is a cool custom spray job to be proud of.


Ouch, this dazzling crystal grille makes this Toyota Alphard stand out from the crowd. Beautifully reflecting the light from all possible angles, this is a stylish way to bring a little sparkle to the roads. It’s a must for disco loving drivers everywhere.

The devilish design on this Ford Superduty Diesel is smoking hot. The flaming skull growls menacingly from the grille, an awesome custom creation and a memorable sight for cars as it drives on by.


A luxurious example of emblem bling, this crystal BMW badges are a must have for any lucky BMW owner who really wants their car to get noticed. They’re shiny ice for the front and rear.

One for the ladies, this pink crystal Audi emblem is the perfect bling for petrolhead it girls. Sparkling with style, every lady should have their car dressed to impress.


Ouch, drivers who want extra decibels should look into getting a car stereo system like the one housed in this custom van. Open the doors and organise a street party!

Alternatively, every BMW owner will want this car stereo system with LED lights to bling up their boot. Pumping out tunes with extra base, this stereo is sure to test your suspension.

Light up the night with these LED BMW rims. Made to make sure you’re seen, these ultra bright lights are a shining example of electric bling.

These are absolutely massive! Size does matter and these 30’ rims are as big as they come. They’re an awesome way to pimp up your wheels.

Finally, it’s nice to dream…

Recently unveiled in Mumbai as a tribute to 5,000 years of exquisite Indian jewellery craftsmanship, this gold jewellery car is perhaps the world’s finest bling mobile. Made from 80 kilograms of 22 carat gold, 15 kilograms of silver and numerous precious gems, it is valued at a cool £3 million.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from – the place to be for second hand cars.

The Most Expensive Celebrity Cars in the World

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Celebrities have it all from spectacular homes, to luxury yachts and magnificent cars. They certainly know how to flash the cash and are often snapped looking wonderfully fly.

Check out some of the most expensive celebrity cars in the world and decide which one you would buy if you were raking in the big bucks (try not to get depressed).


1. Ferrari 430

Reality TV car Kim Kardashian is the proud owner of a Ferrari 430, a spectacular machine worth $186,925 – slightly more than your average Ford Fiesta. Sexy, vivacious and apparently loaded, this lady looks even more glamorous then usual driving around in this dashing model.

2. Bugatti Veyron

The second fastest car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron can reach a speed of up to 257 mph and costs a whopping $1,700,000. Boasting sporty looks and a powerful engine, the Bugatti caught the attention of celebrities such as Simon Cowell and is one of the hottest runners on the market.

3. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

It was reported by The Sun, that singing sensation Beyoncé bought her rap mogul husband this sensational car to celebrate him turning 41. Powered by a 16.4 litre engine that produces 1,000 horsepower this exquisite motor is priced at a cool $2 million and is a toy for the rich and famous.

4. Bentley GT Continental

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton bought this classic motor with a twist as a Christmas present to herself in 2008. Inspired by Barbie, the reality TV star ordered the car to come in a baby pink colour and asked for the dashboard to be encrusted with diamonds. A wonderful idea, or a fantastic way to ruin a historic design? Your choice.

5. Maybach

P.Diddy’s son must think he is the coolest Dad in the world right? Well wouldn’t you if your dear pop bought you a car worth $360,000 for your sweet sixteen and even wrapped it up in a red bow as a gift? The best part of it all is that P.Diddy also hired a driver to ferry his son around NYC as little Dids did not even have his own driving license – how very sweet.

6. Custom Rolls-Royce Phantome Drophe

David Beckham has always been the King of cool and his custom Rolls-Royce Phantome Drophe completes the image perfectly. The football legend can regularly be seen cruising the street of Beverley Hills with his growing brood and he certainly looks the part sat in his luxury convertible worth $407, 000. With a colour-matched exterior trim, 24″ wheels and his number 23 embroidered into the seats this is a really swanky ride.

7. Tesla Roadster

Most people are more environmentally conscious these days and Black Eyed Peas star is certainly leading the way towards a green future. The owner of a $100K all-electric Tesla Roadster which runs off of lithium-ion battery power and releases no emissions, seems to have gone green and is setting a good example.

8. Rolls Royce Phantom

A collector of classic motors cars, this entrepreneur owns a great array of vehicles and reportedly put the Rolls Royce which appeared on The Apprentice up for sale on Autotrader for $179,000. He kept the fantastic AMS 1 number plate and placed it on his new Rolls Royce Phantom. Genius.

9. Ferrari Enzo

Oscar award-winning actor Nicolas Cage was the proud owner of the breathtaking Ferrari Enzo worth a staggering $670,000. Powered by a F140 aluminum V12 engine and with the ability to reach 217, this car is utterly sensational but the star was forced to sell up to solve some financial difficulties.

10. Porsche 959

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld owns an impressive collection of Porsche vehicles and reportedly owns the most expensive –  the Porsche 959 coming in at $700,000. Incredibly swanky, this car is a dream to look at, however, the star can not actually drive it as it doesn’t pass US emissions tests. Fail.

So there you have it, ten of the most expensive celebrity cars in the word – you won’t look at your banger in the same way again huh? Or maybe you will, as these must cost a fortune to run.

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Celebrity Copycat: Emmanuelle Chriqui Express Outfit

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Emmanuelle Chriqui looking classic and chic in head to toe pieces from Express.  Wide leg pants are one of this Fall’s hottest trends and I’m loving how the animal print shoes add a little oomph to the outfit.  Get Emmanuelle’s exact pants and top from Express with an affordable alternative in shoes.

Placket Shirt – $49.90 at

Wide Leg pant – $69.90 at

Animal Print Pumps – $79 at

Necklace – $7.80 at

Watch – $40 at

Nail Polish – $2.80 at

Updated: Win A V Nunes Handcrafted Ring

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Update: The winner of the V Nunes Ring, is Ari with the following comment: “I’d wear the ring being given away with a black maxi dress, cropped cardigan and flat boots.”  Congratulations Ari and a big thank you to all who participated!

Being a Brooklyn native and jewelry fanatic, it’s hard not to fall in love with the work of jewelry designer and goldsmith Veronica Nunes.  Working out of her Dumbo, Brooklyn studio since 2009, Nunes hails from Rio de Janeiro and recently launched her first jewelry line, V Nunes, along with her first collection, Rio. Both are inspired by the iconic landscapes, beautiful beaches and lush nature of her native hometown.  Her latest collection, Architexture, includes a variety of elegant rings, earrings and pendants that are both modern and sophisticated. This latest line was inspired by the contrast of old and modern architecture of NYC.  All of the designs are imagined, designed and meticulously handcrafted by Nunes.

Nunes is giving Fashiongrail fans a 15 percent discount on all of her products (type “fashiongrail” at the final checkout page as the coupon code). Also, I am personally offering the Two Brothers Ring by way of a contest.  For your chance to win simply  Fan V Nunes on Facebook, Retweet on Twitter, then visit  and pick your favorite piece. Return to fashiongrail and leave a comment to the following question: “What would you wear it with?”  Make sure you name the piece you picked!  Most creative answer will be chosen randomly. Contest runs from September 26 to 30. Continental U.S. only. Prize will be shipped directly to winner.



Anahata Jewelry Fashion With Meaning

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Sure, my jewelry boxes are filled to the brim with hundreds and hundreds of precious trinkets of all shapes and sizes collected over the years…but there’s always room for more! My favorite pieces are either of the vintage/antique stock or ones that come with a spiritual vibe and backstory.  I recently added to my collection the Grouding Mala by Anahata (which was sent to me to review).  Made with Rudrani stones, the Grouding Mala is elegant, simple, and awe inspiring.  I love the spiritual energy and the fact that each Anahata Mala is handcrafted and blessed in the Himalayas. Oh yeah, and it’s stylish too! Simply wrap the mala around your wrist to create a multi strand bracelet or tuck one or two strands under your blouse to add subtle detail to any outfit.

Check out for more information and inspiring pieces designed to make you feel good inside and out (they even offer tips on how to meditate).

Celebrity Redo: Britney Spears

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Certainly looks like Britney has turned things around in her life and she definitely seems happier and healthier (hopefully everyone’s done torturing her in the media!). Unfortunately, I’m really not liking the outfit and wondering if anyone is giving her any fashion advice. Since I’m a fan and think she’s absolutely gorgeous, I thought I would pick an outfit I’d like to see her wear. I’ve always loved it when Britney taps into that earthly glam look, so I chose a fabulous tunic (with shorts of course) and a pair of sky high sling backs to lenghten her legs. What do you think of Britney’s look?

Tunic – $375 at

Sandals – $199.99 at

Bangles – $162 at

Pop Color Bracelet – $80 at

House of Harlow Ring – $125 at

Boho Tusk Necklace – $210 at

Celebrity Copycat: Kim Kardashian’s Look for Less!

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Kim Kardashian looking gorgeous as usual in a Milly chiffon animal print dress, sexy  Louboutin boots while attending her Belle Noel jewelry collection launch at Bloomingdales.  Pretty look to emulate for a night out on the town,  The outfit can easily be toned down by adding a pair of tights for days or cooler weather.  Get Kim’s look for less with pieces from Yesstyle, Aldo and more!

Dress – $82 at

Over The Knee Boots – $62 at

Hoop Earrings – $1.50 at

Bracelet – $12.80 at

Speed up Your Morning Routine

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Busy juggling your kids’ routine, your work emails and countless other to-dos every morning? You probably don’t have time to glam up on your way out the door. The right products and a little preparation can shave an hour off your busy schedule.

For glowing, killer skin, pamper your cutis the night before, says Jackie Cioffa, celebrity makeup artist and author of the blog Make up to Model Citi Zen. Apply a regenerating serum that’s packed with antioxidants to help protect against photoaging. Then, apply a night cream on your skin and an anti-aging cream under your eyes. Rinse your face and apply a light moisturizer. When you get up in the morning, your skin will be fresh and ready to go.

Right after you finish brushing your teeth, brush your lips with a wet, rinsed-off toothbrush to remove any dry flakes from chapped lips. Next, apply a moisturizing lip balm. Look for one that isn’t sticky and is full of antioxidants. Then add some color to your lips with a lip stain in a berry color.

For a golden glow, mix a liquid bronzer with moisturizer to avoid any shading, and then blend with a brush. It will leave your skin looking fresh and glowing. Next, use a lash curler for an eye-opening lift, says Cioffa. Apply volumizing mascara in your color of choice.

Take a cream-based shadow and sweep it once over your eyelids. Finally, with a synthetic brush, apply concealer under your eyes.

If you have oily hair but no time for washing and styling, use a dry shampoo, says Rafael Nieves, owner of The Heights Salon of Brooklyn. It will refresh hair and make it look and feel cleaner.

If your tresses are dry, mix a bit of leave-in-conditioner with water in a spray bottle. Shake, spray your hair, shape with your fingers and allow to air dry.

Straight-haired gals: Wrap your hair around your head and cover it with a silk hair wrap overnight. This will prevent tangles in the morning. Remove the silk wrap, brush and you will be ready to go.

By Michelle Goodman for Las Fabulosas

Michelle Goodman is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in beauty and health


Detachable Cape Blouse Styled Three Ways

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This month’s three way features a detachable cape-shoulder blouse from Yesstyle.  I can’t tell you how much I love this delicate looking blouse!  It’s a simple, must have piece that can be worn with just about anything.  Best of all, when you throw on the attachable cape it transforms your basic skirt, jeans, trousers or even a pair of dressy shorts into a head turning chic outfit.  What more can you ask for?

Detachable Cape Blouse – $68 at

Mary Jane Pump – $89 at

Pencil Skirt – $76 at

Clutch – $36.59 at

Detachable Cape Blouse – $68 at

Shorts – $149.50 at

Loafers – $66 at

Clutch – $32.93 at

Detachable Cape Blouse – $68 at

Flare Pant – $79.90 at

Satchel – $50.95 at

Peep Toe Shoes – $24.80 at



Emmy’s Fashion: Jennifer Carpenter In Tony Ward

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Instead of showing a slew fashion shots of celeb’s attending the 63rd Emmy awards,  I decided just to highlight my fave: Jennifer Carpenter from the show Dexter, wearing Tony Ward.  Carpenter rarely makes a blip on the fashion radar, but in my opinion her simple look stole the show.  In a sea of over the top evening wear, her dress was understated, elegant and divine (I even liked how the dress complemented Jennifer’s sun kissed hair).  Who was you favorite dressed celeb at the Emmy’s?


About Tony Ward: Tony Ward’s haute couture collection was launched in 1995 in his home country of Lebanon. Ward is known for his painstaking workmanship that combines seductive, transparent fabrics with hand-sewn embroidery and jewel embellishments. Before the inception of his own line, Ward worked with renowned designers Claude Montana, for Lanvin; Gianfranco Ferré, for Dior; and Karl Lagerfield, for Chloé. After his tenure at The Maison Chloé, Ward returned to Lebanon to concentrate on the launch of his namesake line in his family’s 40-year-old atelier. The collection is created for the sophisticated woman whose distinctive charm and timeless style mirror the exquisite detail of Ward’s designs. His Pret-a-Porter collection was just launched last season and is available at select luxury retailers worldwide including Neiman Marcus and Jimmy’s. Visit for more information on the designer.

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