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The 60’s are a definite example of the best and worst of fashion. On the one hand, you have the awful hippie look, but on the other, you have the wonderfully chic british spy. This is the style we’ll be reinterpreting today. The great thing about fashion is that the hybridization of decades of style yields nothing less than spectacular results! Check out the examples below and take on the modern Goldfinger, Dr. No, and yes, even Dr. Evil! Grooovy baby, yeah!

The houndstooth jacket is a timeless staple and should be a part of every man of mystery’s wardrobe. This interpretation ($92.95 @ takes the college professor to the extreme with the lettered back. Although belligerent, it works perfectly for those days in starbucks spent writing on your laptop.

Since this is a modern re-imagining, we’re going to go ahead and replace the slacks usually seen with a sharp blazer with simple raw indigo denim choice from LRG (on sale for $65 The fit isn’t overly baggy yet remains out of the nut-hugger category. Perfect for concealing the derringer strapped to your ankle to, 007…

The button-down (like this one for $25 is, of course, a nice complement to the jacket above and the kicks coming next.

These are amazing on SO many levels. Burgundy, Suede, Hi-top?! The suede lends a classic vibe while the silhouette and construction of the shoe puts an entirely modern spin on it. With these joints (a STEAL at only $68, sean connery’s bond steps into 2010 with impeccable style.

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