Sunglasses…Right Size for the Shape of Your Face

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Fall Fashion

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Okay, so I’ve already told you about my impending shopping spree at Nordstrom’s. But any red-blooded American girl can’t stop at one shop! On the Internet I’ve also found quite a few things to max out my credit card for the Fall. You have to check out the Hoodie at Free People (it’s sooooo cute) and their Buffalo Swing Coat. I also found a blog called You Blog Like a Girl and through there I found RokandLola. I initially clicked on the site because I was curious to see what a boutique in Red Bank N.J. had to offer. I thought the only thing cool from Red bank was director Kevin Smith. There’s plenty more !!!! Like the Jersey Tote and their Love Expandable Wire Russian Bangle by Alex & Ani. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection. But nothing compares to my favorite site Urban Outfitter’s ….they never let me down!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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I just got my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (starting July 18) magazine.  It’s filled with everything you’ll need to look great this fall.  I already have my eye on the Steve Madden slouch boots ($99.90) and a cute wedge bootie by Report ($49.90). A lot of people shy away from them because they feel they are too pricey.  Well they are but…they have some of the biggest, best sales every year.  I spent about 10 years working for Nordstrom and I witnessed first hand the insanity that occurs whenever they have a sale.  So mark your calendars and dust off your credit cards (better yet get yourself a Nordstrom one they give bonus point’s) and get ready to shop.  Don’t be afraid to shop online their return policy is UNBEATABLE!!!!

Music I Love Right Now!!!

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1. He’s got his own show on MTV out later this month.  But what got me hooked on Shwayze was his laid-back rap single “Buzzin.”  His voice and beats (which were created by Cisco Adler) are refreshing. I have a hunch he’s going to be huge.

 2. Pharrell does it again.  This time with his band – N.E.R.D and their new single “Everyone Nose” it’s the perfect club hit.

3. E=MC2 Mariah’s new Cd delivers once again.  My favorite singles are “Migrate” and “I’m That Chick.”

4. Lil Wayne may not be the best looking guy in the biz but…GENIUS!!!

Lollipop is just as addictive as the concoctions he walks around drinking.

5. She sticks out like a sour thumb in my list but DUFFY new hit “Mercy” is just HOTJ




Simon Rex as “Dirt Nasty”

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Simon Rex was funny as hell on Scary Movie 3 and even funnier as Dirt Nasty.  Check out his video for his song called 1980 HILARIOUS!!!!!

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